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First Light Films is an enterprise designed to make Christian motion pictures and dramatic series, and to create a faith-based VOD platform. We are located in Greensboro, North Carolina.  

The new company was started by Highway 29 Motion Pictures founder, John Leslie Butchart, a writer-producer-director, and by cinematographer-producer-actor Philip Dann.

First Light's initial film slate includes four feature motion pictures, two dramatic series, and a VOD platform - LUMINATV.NET - to be funded through an investment totaling 1.5 million. The investment will be marketed on the internet and through other forms of promotion.

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Reasons why you need to track First Light:

If you're a Christian filmmaker ...

First Light plans to provide the business-side intelligence that other Christian filmmakers need for their projects, so we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list and to join our social network where we share info about filmmaking, including progress reports on First Light, and advice on how you can set up your own projects.

If you're an investor ...

First Light will soon be bringing out a unique investment in Christian media and ground-breaking faith-oriented films. We need the support of the Christian investment community to make this happen, and we think you'll enjoy learning about this alternative investment and our plans to shape the culture of Christian media.

Christian media is ripe for disruption.

Join us in our quest ...

At First Light, we believe that the world needs a clear, grace-filled message of hope, and that Christian media, particularly filmmaking, is ripe for re-thinking and "re-branding" through original, artfully-made motion pictures.

As an actor, writer, film-fan, aspiring producer, or church with a vision for media, we urge you to join us simply by getting in touch, signing up for our mailing list, and networking with us. We need you to help us build our new company from the ground up!

More about First Light's projects:

This initial key art for posters for our four films will give you an idea of the variety of stories coming from First Light. Here are some brief descriptions:

Slaying Goliath is the story of men in a faith-based drug recovery program. We're working with Malachi House II in Greensboro, NC to make this story as hard-hitting, realistic and inspiring as possible.

The Garden of Life is the beautiful saga of a young man who transforms an inner city neighborhood by living out the gospel. The movie will feature music by up and coming bands and songwriters. SYNOPSIS.

Abraham's Mountain is set largely on the Appalachian Trail and enhanced with outdoor action scenes. The story focuses on two Iranian brothers, one Muslim, one Christian, who confront their difficult childhood and rebuild their broken relationship by going camping, as they did in Iran as young boys. SYNOPSIS.

Harmonia is a dystopian science fiction epic about a band of musicians whose bond is faith and friendship. They hatch a plan to free the zombie-like captives in the strange city called Harmonia, at a time in the distant future when religion, and music, have been outlawed. SYNOPSIS.

We hope this glimpse at our projects will inspire you to get involved. You can even read complete screenplays and offer feedback by joining our social network at this link.

Phase One: Paid-In Contributors

We are starting First Light Films LLC from a creative platform that includes four screenplays, two dramatic series (TV shows for the web), and a new Christian VOD (Video-on-Demand) platform and mobile app.

Currently, we are talking to paid-in contributors about the core business vision and opportunity, so, if you'd like to learn more about our business plan, just drop us an email expressing your intial interest, no strings attached. We'll simply send you more information that explains First Light in more detail.

“We believe Christian filmmaking can impact culture 

with life-giving stories that offer hope and

entertain audiences with original storytelling."

Les Butchart, First Light Films LLC Founder

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